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IAA's education accreditation is a sign of quality, trust, and credibility for both the institutions and the stakeholders

IAA is an international organization that provides quality education, accreditation to improve quality assurance standards all around the world. Quality education accreditation is provided to Universities, Institutes, and Schools for better academic pursuits. Education accreditation offered by the IAA gives a competitive edge to every educational Institute, University, or School both regionally and internationally. IAA follows a very stringent process to award the accreditation. The process is designed in such a way that educational Institutes, Universities or Schools need to show the extraordinary commitment towards quality benchmark set by IAA.

IAA's accreditation deploys professional and experienced Evaluation Commission Members, who are responsible for providing relevant information about the benefits of international accreditation to education providers, corporations, professionals, and students worldwide. Coming from varied professional backgrounds, these members are administrators, faculty members, researchers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, experts, and leaders in their fields. They are further trained by IAA Commission staff to employ IAA's accreditation standards in evaluating quality practices to every educational Institute, University, or School.

Accreditation Award Process

Accreditation Candidacy Award (Valid for a period of one year)

  • The organization is issued an Accreditation Candidacy Award only after they have shown a decent amount of adherence to the standards of IAA accreditation and moves into the next phase of Accreditation Momentum program.

  • The action points are listed to move from Candidacy to Momentum level in a period of not less than six months to apply for Momentum with the Action Taken Report.

  • The organization is required to take action on identified issues as to be given the Accreditation Momentum Award.

  • This Candidacy Award is given when the adherence to standards is between 50 to 60% of the IAA Accreditation Standards.

  • No award is given if the adherence level is below 50%.

Accreditation Momentum Award (Valid for a period of one year)

  • Accredited with Exemplary Adherence to Standards of IAA Accreditation with Commendation.

  • The organization must make further improvements to achieve the Star Excellence Accreditation.

  • The adherence to standards have to range between 60 to 75% of IAA Accreditation Standards.

Star Excellence Accreditation (Valid for a period of one year)

The organization must have a 76% or more adherences to the accreditation standards of IAA to achieve this status of Star Excellence Accreditation.

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